June 26-28, 2024, Moscow, Russia

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electrical mobiliti, products and services for electric transport and subway

Exhibition Subjects

I. Urban transport planning and development

  • City transport infrastructure
  • Transport security
  • Information technologies
  • Staff training

II. Street transport

  • Rail electric stock: trams (LRT), commuter trains, funicular railway
  • Road electric stock: trolleybuses, electrobuses, electic cars
  • Small electrical mobility (electric bykes, scuters)
  • Cable urban transport
  • Water urban electric transport
  • Design, interior
  • Traffic safety equipment and systems
  • Automotive control systems
  • Navigation and communication
  • Electric power equipment
  • Charging technologies
  • Tram ways building and reconstruction
  • Traffic lights

III. Subway

  • Designing and construction of subways
  • Subway rolling stock
  • Automotive control systems
  • Integrated security, safety and fire protection systems
  • The escalator equipment
  • Ventilation and hydromechanical equipment
  • Heating, climate control
  • Electrical equipment, cable network

IV. Electric drons, aerotaxi, electric planes

V. See, river passanger and cargo electric transport

VI. Services and spare parts

  • Electronic and electrical components and modules
  • Mechanical components and parts
  • Lighting technologies
  • Displays and monitors
  • Electric and pneumatic drivers
  • Furnishing and decorating materials
  • Rolling stock upgrade and repair technologies
  • Service and repair vehicles and equipment
  • The equipment and technologies for repair of tunnels
  • Measuring equipment, diagnostic and NDT technologies
  • Cleaning technologies

Official support

  • Транспортная премия Золотая Колесница
  • Международная ассоциация метро
  • Министерство транспорта РФ
  • Минпромторг РФ
  • Департамент транспорта и развития дорожно-транспортной инфраструктуры города Москвы
  • Союз пассажиров
  • Московский метрополитен
  • петербургский метрополитен
  • МТПП