June 26-28, 2024, Moscow, Russia

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electrical mobiliti, products and services for electric transport and subway


12-th International ElectroTrans 2023 trade exhibition was held 27-29 September 2023 in Moscow, Expocencer fairgrounds. 66 companies from Russia, Belarus, China took exhibited (134 companies took part in Russian Urban Mobility Week). 3100+ experts from 1000+ organizations visited the exhibition.

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2023 Busines program:

September 27th

  • Open meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • panel discussion: Regulatory and instrumental support for testing of electric vehicles and on-board modules to ensure intra-system and intersystem electromagnetic compatibility in the light of market requirements
  • panel discussion: Russian lighting for transport and transport infrastructure
  • panel discussion: Biotechnical systems and technologies in the field of transport safety. Monitoring the health status of drivers and machinists
  • TransNet LLC Conference: Transport modeling as a tool for the strategic development of Russian cities
  • panel discussion: Effective PR and marketing strategies for the popularization of public transport. Mechanisms to increase user loyalty and work with sensitive topics
  • panel discussion: Domestic and international bus transportation. Problems, suggestions and solutions, organized by the Association of Auto Passenger Carriers
  • Presentation session of Encore Engineering (TransEnergoSnab LLC): ENCORE's integrated solutions for traction power supply systems for urban electrified transport
  • panel discussion: Integration of railway and urban public transport – an effective way to achieve national goals and improve the level of passenger transport services", the organizer is the Association Zheldorrazvitie
  • round table on cybersecurity of public transport enterprises, the organizer is Positive Technologies
  • discussion club Priority directions for the development of population mobility and improvement of the quality of services: multimodality, ecology, digitalization
  • Annual meeting of the members of the MAP GET association

September 28th

  • conference Development of electric transport and related infrastructure: dialogue between business and government
  • panel discussion: Traction electric drive: innovative solutions and topical issues of energy saving
  • A practical seminar on the creation and implementation of real tools for transport planning, modeling and management of transport systems, organized by SIMETRA
  • Youth Forum – presentations by speakers, organized by MAP GET
  • panel discussion: City electric transport infrastructure: the burden of past years and the path to a new life
  • panel discussion: Existing technical solutions and current issues on reducing noise and vibration of rail transport. Modern technologies of construction, repair, diagnostics of the track and infrastructure, organized by the International Association "Metro", the Association of ARPPEI
  • panel discussion: Modern traffic management systems for urban rail transport. Prospects for modernization and development, organized by 1520 Signal LLC
  • round table on payment solutions New "old" trends in fare payment technologies: open–loop, abt, MaaS, etc.
  • conference Development of passenger transportation by road in new regions of Russia: adaptation of the activities of trucking companies to Russian legislation in the field of automobile and urban passenger transport, organized by the NAPTA Association
  • panel discussion: Features of the selection of climatic equipment for rolling stock. The specifics of the approach taking into account import substitution, organized by NPF ETNA PLUS LLC
  • An off-site round table on the integration of railway and urban passenger transport and the production of rolling stock for suburban rail services (components, import substitution, new materials). A technical visit to the Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plant of TMH JSC.

September 29th

  • tea club Russia electric. What will electric mobility do for people and businesses? The organizer is the editorial board of the portal "Green starting point"
  • panel discussion: Preferences for testing wheeled transport in the North – the driver of the project "Science and engineering of extremely cold territories"
  • panel discussion: Development of unmanned transport and training of professional personnel
  • panel discussion: Digital technologies and integrated automation of passenger transport enterprises
  • Technical visit to the branch of the GUP Mosgortrans (bus operation) and to the electric bus park Mitino
  • Technical visit to the NAMI auto test fasility
  • Demonstration in motion of the electric bus 62181 General with combined charging, produced by PK TS

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